Sunday, September 21, 2014

What is liposarcoma?

Liposarcoma is a rare cancer of connective tissues that resemble fat cells under a microscope. It accounts for up to 18% of all soft tissue sarcomas. Liposarcoma can occur in almost any part of the body, but more than half of liposarcoma cases involve the thigh, and up to a third involve the abdominal cavity.
Liposarcoma tends to affects adults between the ages of 40 and 60. When it does occur in children, it is usually during the teenage years.
There are four types of liposarcoma, each with its own unique characteristics and behaviors.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The death toll rose to 60 in the sinking of South Korea

According to South Korean news reports of the government,the death toll of the “Years” passenger ship that sank on the southwest coast of South Korean had risen to 60.

Previous reports said 58 people were died and 242 people were missing.

April 16 morning,the “Years” passenger ship sank on the southwest coast of South Korean,476 people on the ship.Passengers are mainly students who went to travel Jeju with their teachers.

At present 5000 volunteers from more than 260 organizations arrived Jindo to help search and rescue operations.Tragedy occurs near the Jindo.

Earlier this week,South Korea’s procuratorate has filed formal charges against the passenger ship captain ,He is going to face life in prison.According to the investigator’s message,the captain was the first to abandon ship and escape by pretending to be ordinary passengers.In addition,The passengers also complained,the crew during the crash did not take the appropriate measures for evacuees,but asked every passenger to stay in their position.

Gold may continue to fall

Societe Generale ( said that the gold price was predicted bearish in the aftermarket, but not to exclude the possibility of a slight rebound in the short term.
The bright release of U.S. non-agricultural employment report, on the one hand, boosts the dollar’s rise; On the other hand, it also makes risk rise sharply. Dragged down by it, gold price hit a low of $1240.90 in last week. Although it rebounded this week, I personally think that it is mainly driven by short-seller covering power, the rebound power is relatively limited.
According to daily chart, gold price presents five waves of downward trend, it is currently in the form of rebound in the fourth wave, if the upper rebound point can be located around pullback position $1260 of 23.6% early downward trend, if it is blocked, it would be expected to open a new round of downward, and not to exclude the possibility of retesting the lows in the year, suggest investors to go shorting on high.

OECD expected Japan GDP real increase 1.2% this year

OECD issued global economy prediction on 6th, May that the Japan domestic GDP real growth will be 1.2% this year being downward compared with 1.5 percent forecast in November last year. Japan’s predictive GDP real growth rate in 2015 will be up regulation from 1.0% to 1.2%.

As the OECD thought for Japan’s economic, while the yen devaluation, exports remain a deceleration. And in the second half of 2013 the momentum of the recovery is slowing. But the down unemployment rate will partly offset the effect on the excise tax increase. According to the analysis, after eliminating the influence of consumption tax increases, Japan’s consumer prices rise will reach 1% in 2015.

The OECD recommends Japan is planning for increasing the consumption tax up to 10% in 2015. The Bank of Japan will maintain the monetary easing until inflation target of 2%.

According to the forecast, the actual economic growth rate will be 2.6% in the United States this year, to 3.5% in 2015; The euro zone economy real growth of 1.2% this year, rising to 1.7% in 2015. China’s economy will actually grow 7.4% this year, rising to 7.3% in 2015.

About the risk of the global economic downturn, the OECD cited China’s economic slowdown, emerging market countries financial fragility and Ukraine